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Boob Tape Removal Oil

Boob Tape Removal Oil

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Our removal oil is made from gorgeous smelling essential oils which will leave your skin feeling and smelling fabulous. 

We recommend the use of Boob Tape Removal Oil with every tape. 

Simply pour/dab the oil slowly onto your boob tape and leave to soak in for 2-5 minutes until the tape is covered. The tape should simply slide off once the oil has sunk in. If it doesn't, put some more oil onto the tape to soften and massage into the tape until the glue softens. Once the tape is off, you can massage the oil into your skin and allow your skin to smell fabulous for the rest of the day! 


🐰 Cruelty Free 

🌱 Vegan Friendly 

🧴 Made from high quality essential oils 

🧖‍♀️ Can also be used in your hair for an all round pamper